Healthspiration: August

Welcome to my blog, a Quest for Zest!

This is the first chapter of "Healthspiration", a monthly section were I share some of my current sources of inspiration on staying energised, healthy and happy.


READING "Bliss", Maria Borelias follow-up of "the Health Revolution". Borelia shares personal experiences, insights and recipies that can help beat inflammation. I also read and write in Neil Pasricha's Two Minute Mornings", a journal helping me decide what to let go of, remember what I am grateful for and what I will focus on.

EXCERCISING running! I have signed on for two races in October, a 5K and a 6K race. Short races, but they motivate me to run 3-4 times per week these days. I use an app called 5K Runner to follow my progression.

EATING pancakes in all shapes and colors. I love stirring nutritious fruits and vegetables such as bananas, spinach and beets in the pancake batters.

WATCHING "(Un)Well", an American documentary series covering the wellness industry, available on Netflix. Critical journalism covering themes such as fasting and oils and aromatherapy.

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